This zine has literally travelled around with me for quite some
time now. I started writing this all the way back in July on scraps of paper
that I stole from hotel rooms (which I now use to write notes on, thank you
hotels) and it has been an ongoing process from there! It's kind of a special
issue, specifically focusing on such an awesome band - The Veins
from Glasgow, Scotland, click on their name to go check them fully out - it will
be so worth your time! There's also a little bit about my travels around the
California area and all the wonder and excitement that went with that! We've
also got some other amazing stuff - Mark Beechill's poetry, Hostages For Smack and The Basement People, to name a few. So click on the Issue #6 tab at the side to be taken to the #6 page where an online copy is available and I
know I keep saying this, but I am actually going through with physical copies
and all the details for that will be up over the weekend; along with scans of
this issue. Thanks again for all of the continued support and paitience, I/We couldn't do it without you! Plus anyone wanting to write for the next issue around late October time - write to us at

Order being completely lost on the streets of San Francisco.

Here it is! The first part of a 2 parter ... this one is meant to have bits
about home towns and the next one will hopefully have bits about going away,
being abroad and being away from home. This issue has interviews with Pert
(Beretta Suicide) and Chas (Lightyear) and has reviews of artists such as Ash
, Aziz, White Lung and other randomness ...
Happy reading for the summer - finally it's here!
Click on the issue #4 and #5 page to have a read.
Thank you to everyone who contributed.
It's finished and done - go over and have a look at ISSUE #4 page!
Happy reading!




Just to prove that the zine is done - just not pdfed! Plus to prove that it's definately worth reading ...
Well well well. Zine number 4 is here and being uploaded.
Cover art done by the wonderfully insanely talented AnaSera Chambers and the rest of the artwork was done by the crazy gifted KP - so a major thanks to them from my not very arty self.
Also just have to say a massive thanks to everyone who contributed for this issue:
Luke J. Lyon, Leo Harvey (@shufflecore), Nate Zeroh, Max Qayyum (@maxq333), Si Nott ...
AND a big thank you to TNSRecords (, Usual Players, Zoo, Beretta Suicide, Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children MacNuggits, Captain of the Rant and the crew at Ashford Rocks. 

If you are desperately interested in the physicals that we don't always make then email at and we can sort out a SASE or something along those lines. 
Spread it around and we are already looking forward to loads more bands, music, shows and opinions in the future!
*Note - Website will be going under a make-over




Number 4 is brewing - working hard on the new style - it's gonna look good!
Got some nice new opinions aswell!
ISSUE #3 HAS JUST BEEN POSTED! If you click on the "The Zine" tab you will be taken to a page where you can read the zine online or you can download it, read it, share it, print it and enjoy it.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this, we basically owe a load to you guys who read and support us, so THANK YOU!
A massive thank you to AnaSera Chamber for designing the artwork for the front cover (incredible!), you can check out her work by following her on Twitter (@AnaSera) or looking at her Facebook page (
We're already looking forward to Issue #4 are all the insane bands, interesting people and strange times we can have and write about until then.
Lookout ;)
There is a pretty good lookin' show going down tonight in Deptford with some great bands. Here's the link for those of you feeling like a good gig for a Sunday night 
On the subject of gigs - Friday 30th of March @ The Arc Angel in London We Done It For The Don are playing. It starts at 9pm and it's FREE!
Hey People,
It's going good here at the moment and we are just getting into writing for the #3 zine! Hopefull it will be good! Also in the very near future we shall be posting more pictures, videos
Check out TNS Records - they seem very cool - new release and fanzines out!